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[The only shortcut is repetitive practice.Shaten Freude?Waste of time. ]

I thought it would be possible to repeat it a couple of times, but since it was a good idea, I practiced twice as many times and then stood on the stage, and the results came out, so I felt like I was able to do it a little. I reflect on myself.
When I talk to my awe-inspiring friend, who I respect as both a trainer and a speaker, about ideas for expression and points for improvement, he says that he should do more because it is not enough.Then, if you say about 10 times twice, you say 10 times more ...Wow.
When he was just starting out, he said he had made 50 speeches in an unfamiliar language.I was embarrassed by the difference in accumulated consciousness, and I was impressed to hear that there is now.There seems to be various worries. (I'm too focused and I can't get anything else ...)
The raw voice that treats 5 languages ​​(German English / French / Spanish / Chinese as a mother tongue) as a trainer / coach at the mother tongue level is very convincing.The voice is also low and it's a good voice. .. ..Inspired by this, it's finally switched on!
Practice creates masters.
Practice makes a master / master.
Schadenfreude ist Zeitverschwendung
Waste of time such as meshiuma.
Don't make me feel educated from the passages of the story.It's a big difference from my poorly grown up.
Training continues.I'll do it until I can.

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