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["Connect x Frog" project]

This is an initiative to support the development of working ability and employment.Various seminars / training and qualification exams can be taken free of charge (with exam voucher).And we prepare a practical course that is directly connected to business.We will be selected, but if you are interested, please apply.

The application period is from April 2021, 4 (Thursday) to April 1, 2021 (Friday).

"Connect x Frog" project
Development of employment capacity and employment, which will be implemented as a "connect x frog" project promoted under the social contribution cooperation agreement signed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and KDDI CORPORATION on September 2020, 9. Efforts to support.

Target of participation
・ Under 50 years old
・ Those who can participate in the ability development support program
・ Those who aim to work using ICT in the future

Wanted period
 April 2021, 4 (Thursday) -April 1, 2021 (Friday)

Training course
・ OA course MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist)
・ Business course IT passport exam
・ Cloud Course CompTIA Cloud Essentials
・ Network course CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

* Various seminars / trainings and qualification exams are available free of charge.

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