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Scrum Alliance CSD

It's as if my PC has wings and is flying in the sky.
Now I can work supporting DevOps Team from anywhere ^-^.

Thank you, Puneet Duneja. Your insightful lectures, questions, and discussions with classmates have advanced my learning.
Thanks for the facilitation and support. Veena V,KnowledgeHut

SOLID Principles, TDD, eXtreme Programming
It was a very satisfying technical session in the Scrum training course.

The environment of Maven + Eclipse + Junit + Git + Jenkins + Tomcat (for Deploy) was completed. This is a very powerful TDD environment made possible by the cloud (Azure) and a mini PC.

There are different interpretations (eg business agility, application of agile to various tasks, etc.), but I think agile fits best in software development.

Scrum Alliance, the planning and certification body for the course, their leading a great journey with my thanks.

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