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If you think that 2021 has just begun

If you think 2021 has just begun, a quarter is about to pass.
Auditing, design / construction, development work, manuscript writing, trainer, research, translation / interpretation, all of which seemed to overheat with different types of work, but somehow everything seems to fit.
In addition to the projects that will continue after April, I am grateful for the situation where requests come in for lectures and trainer work by appointment ^ – ^
I know when the limit will come, and take a break consciously just before the criticality.I run exclusively in Tokyo, but when I'm on a business trip, I want to love the public bath in the sauna ^ – ^
The photo shows the accommodation "Yutorelo Karuizawa Hotel" and the sauna & hot spring "Tofuku no Yu".Yeah, I did hot water.

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