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The beginning of the 47-year-old year

February 2th marked the 27th birthday.

It's been a year since the beginning of the corona wreck.
From the beginning, it was a series of trial and error in company management, work, training (physical strength / intelligence) and health maintenance, but I was able to reduce the impact by changing the way of working, adjusting routines, and being able to act consciously. maybe.

Fortunately, the number of encounters and encounters from real and virtual has increased, and I have been able to make more use of my time.
In addition to the conventional work, new work has increased in both quality and quantity. (Especially USA, India)

Don't be afraid to be natural.Take on the challenge of new work while valuing your own personality.Make the encounter meaningful.

It's the beginning of a 47-year-old year.

When I look back at the year, I will do my best every moment so that I feel that it is wonderful to grow old and that life is fun.
The aim is the best in my history.

Data from March 2020 to February 3 (partial)
Company sales flat (–;)
Cumulative mileage 2432km (^-^)
Blood pressure pulse 108/71 48
Cumulative number of books read 588 (^. ^)
68 courses of e-Learning
Number of qualifications 17
 * Over 50 in all I will not argue with being called a qualified otaku anymore. ^^;
English course held 3 times (SAFe related)
 * As a joint trainer.Many improvements ^ _ ^;

We will release training courses for Japan from this spring.
Below, I'm running with my style T-shirt feeling.

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