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Information Security 10 Major Threats 2021 | Threats and Countermeasures

IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan) publishes "10 Major Threats to Information Security" every year, which lists the top 10 cases in information security that are considered to have had a large impact on society.

The latest version of "Information Security 10 Major Threats 2021" has the following results.

* Each threat is ranked from different positions of "individual" and "organization", and 10 major threats are determined for each position.

Information Security 10 Major Threats: Individuals

() Indicates last year's ranking

1st place: Unauthorized use of smartphone payment (1st place)
2nd place: Fraud of personal information by phishing (2nd place)
3rd place: slander, slander, hoax on the net (7th place)
4th place: Money request by intimidation / fraud method using e-mail or SMS (5th place)
5th place: Unauthorized use of credit card information (3rd place)
6th place: Unauthorized use of Internet banking (4th place)
7th place: Stealing personal information from services on the Internet (10th place)
8th place: Internet fraud due to fake warning (9th place)
9th place: Damage to smartphone users due to malicious apps (6th place)
10th place: Unauthorized login to services on the Internet (8th place)

Top 10 Information Security Threats: Enterprises

() Indicates last year's ranking

1st place: Damage caused by ransomware (5th place)
2nd place: Theft of confidential information by targeted attacks (1st place)
3rd place: Attack aimed at new normal working styles such as telework (NEW)
4th place: Attack that exploits weaknesses in the supply chain (4th place)
5th place: Financial damage caused by business email fraud (3rd place)
6th place: Information leakage due to internal fraud (2nd place)
7th place: Business suspension due to unexpected IT infrastructure failure (6th place)
8th place: Unauthorized login to services on the Internet (16th place)
9th place: Damage such as information leakage due to carelessness (7th place)
10th place: Increased abuse due to disclosure of vulnerability countermeasure information (14th place)

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