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COCOA defect, verification in the Cabinet Secretariat

[COCOA defect, Seki representative of Code for Japan as a member of the verification team in the Cabinet Secretariat]
The headquarters of the verification team is the Cabinet Secretariat.And it was a relief that Mr. Seki of Code for Japan entered.Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (CIO / CIO aide / in charge), Parsol P & T poor contractor.
The operation of the app will continue to be led by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.Although it is said that the IT office will take the lead in developing / repairing apps and dealing with problems in the future, it is doubtful how proactively they will be involved.It's a foolish idea to put in a lot of force one after another (or rather, it's a project that doesn't require a lot of resources), but I'd like to see that we are now strengthening the force that can be prepared.
It has been pointed out that it was lost late, but since the app is not only for this new corona, but also for a pandemic that may occur again in the future, I would like you to put the investment (tax) into shape.

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