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[As a co-trainer holding the SAFe Program Consultant Course]

I managed to complete the SAFe SPC course sponsored by Temenos + Agility (2021.2.4-7 4-day online course 23:00 – 32:00 each Japan time).Thanks to the students, trainers, facilitators and crew ^ – ^

Although I got some solid feedback from the co-trainers, I am re-learning from vocabulary and expressions as a trainer.It's just an embarrassing level to be helped.I realize that the combination of adjectives and verbs and the strangeness of variations promote the understanding of the listener.

Not only a simple analogy but also a metaphor.And euphemistic questioning is also necessary to call attention and awareness.It's no different from my usual trainer job (native language).

The understanding that can only be understood after trying it, at the end of a series of grief.I made my own script in advance and tried to memorize and answer the expected questions, but it's still not enough (>-<)

The trainer will not work unless he / she can explain and explain the question and answer the question with the prompt answer and premise of the conditional reflection level.

I had the opportunity to carefully select each word and expression and speak on the stage (although it is online), but when it comes to using English, I read the story of the kid in front of the gate. Level.The next opportunity will come in a row, but I will continue unless told to stop ^ – ^

* The photo is a retrospective of this trainer team Siraj, John, Mark, Hazurasingh, Gordon, Alhad, Alex.

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