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[Do it or not, not whether it can be done or not. ]

I have been working as a trainer for a long time (20 times a year (10 to 1 days course mixed) in 10 years, not so many), but I got the international qualification CTT + by re-learning.
(CTT + is an abbreviation for CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer. Obtained after writing, submitting a report, and conducting a practical examination)

I would like to share it here with deep gratitude to the trainers who took care of me.

The way of work that I have learned through the corona wreck is to be the best practitioner / practitioner.Also, convey the lively practical knowledge and field skills as a trainer and coach.

Even if you know how to teach, the knowledge, encouragement, and experiences gained from practice are not enough.On the other hand, even if you are familiar with the business and are active in your specialized field, it is difficult to understand how to convey it.Insufficient comprehensiveness.If you try to speak in an easy-to-understand manner, you don't understand the parable more.I have seen many such unfortunate scenes.

From now on, we will launch new services and training services in sequence toward early spring, but as a practitioner, we will balance the work of coaches and trainers without leaving the field.

When I asked for a way of working and learning that suits me, the most efficient and cost-effective way was to cross the time zone and language.Of course, regular work and domestic projects are in progress.If you put up with sleepiness, you can proceed with the procurement project, take training courses on weekdays, and get out of the way.And the English course is very reasonable.
 * The fact that the course becomes expensive as soon as it is translated into Japanese is a major obstacle to expanding the base.It must be the time required for interpretation / translation and the overhead of supplementary materials (personal opinion).

Do it or not, not whether it can be done or not.
 * The photo is my style T-shirt that arrived today (^-^)

I would like to create an opportunity to talk about this as well.
If you want to hear it, please give us your opinion.I would like to talk at the Clubhouse that I started recently (^-^)

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