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Just Do it! Just Learn!

We received an invitation from Professor Yoshiko Seki for a project management class, and commented on the project activities and results reports of the students in the second half of 2020.

At the same time, he talked about careers, work in the IT industry, service development, and learning for students.

"I don't know what I want to do until I try." "Act before thinking. Think more while acting." So Just Do it.So Just Learn.

The experience and learning of the project that was carried out in the wake of the corona will surely increase energy, including success and setbacks.Produces a strong attraction.

100 years of life.It is inevitable that you will encounter a pandemic.I see this as an opportunity to ask my inner self, not just as bad luck, an accident, or a crisis. If you focus on "potential" rather than "probability", you will get more results than you want.

We would like to thank all the students who participated, Mr. Watanabe who supported the online course management, and Mr. Seki who introduced this opportunity and facilitated it.

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