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[Notice of SAFe Program Consultant Course]

Participate as a co-trainer in the SPC (SAFe Program Consultant) course sponsored by Temenos + Agility.

* Currently, the following 2 courses are being adjusted.
2021.2.8 – 11 4-day online course (23:00 – 32:00 each Japan time)
2021.2.15 – 18 4-day online course (23:00 – 32:00 each Japan time)…/implementing-safe

The entire course will be conducted in English, but if you need Japanese language support, I can help you.
* However, Japanese language support is treated as unofficial, so please let me know as we will coordinate (team division) between trainers after contacting us.

As long as you overcome the time difference (starting at 23:00 on weekdays) and the language (full-length English), you can obtain the SAFe highest peak Program Consultant qualification at a reasonable price (compared to the course held in Japan with domestic serial translation).

* SPC is a trainer qualification.
If you are interested, please consider participating.

What is SAFe?
SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is an enterprise agile development and business framework developed mainly by Dean Leffingwell.It's scalable and flexible, tailored to your company's unique business needs, from small-group solutions to enterprise system builds that require hundreds or thousands of people to build and deploy.

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