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[Teaching is to learn twice]

Unexpectedly long and dense week complete (^ _ ^;)

5:00 Wake up → Morning assembly (company / support destination) → Trainer work → Training exercise preparation → General affairs (company) or international conference (support destination) → 23:00 Bedtime x 5 days set

It was a regular but full-concentrated breathing day (>-<) Sprint progress confirmation, course progress, network / cybersecurity exercise management, conference facilitation, etc. As a practitioner, there are still many places where I feel that improvement is necessary. ..

During the training period, if I work as an advisor, coach, and secretariat in addition to my daily work, I can't shorten the time, and I can't live up to my expectations unless I spend all my time except sleeping. (For facilitation of secretariat-related meetings, prepare Japanese and English scripts in advance in the early morning and attend the evening meeting.)

Even if it is difficult to deal with during the day, I will send it in the morning and evening and get help from my friends to survive without any problems, but this also requires specific instructions and requests.

6 years in a row, 5 days x 2 phases (10 days in total), the reason why you can continue even if it is hard.that is. .. ..

If you put yourself on the management side of the lectures and exercises, you will learn more.It is not only from the viewpoint of knowledge, but also from the viewpoint of ingenuity and experience of better communication, and management that entrusts and watches over company cases that are not necessarily related to oneself.

Teaching is exactly what learning twice. (In addition, how to use time and how to leave it to me) The days of training and study continue.

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