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Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner

I am a firm believer that success doesn't come from rigid thinking and processes (included various certifications); Instead, it is important to embrace changes (transformation) and challenges (try), being agile, act, and react.
My interest in and practice managing products in more effective ways to maximize the value of my products because I continue to work as a president and program manager / product owner for my own company.
I'm happy and excited to mention I finally got the last certification for the Scrum Product Owner track Scrum Alliance with my “Certified Scrum Professional – Product Owner” certification (final stage out of 3 stages) mastering the product owner role. And I can 't wait to bring more value to my team (companies and partners).
I am grateful that I have the privilege to learn from the fantabulous trainer Evelyn Tian, ​​supporting staff in Evelyn Konsult AB. Her wealth of knowledge and experience made the course a pleasure to attend.
I enjoyed every single moment in the class.
Enlightenment and learning in this situation are really valuable to me.
Thank you and Great Thank you again.

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