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[Last day of stay on business trip to Matsuyama]

Ryotaro Shiba "Clouds on the Slope" & Tatsuya Egawa "The Story of the Japan-Russia War" that I started reading about three weeks before my business trip was decided.
I read through it with my favorite (!?) Speed ​​reading (but quite a feature film (😣)), but I entered Matsuyama.Many of the masterpieces of the same era as the Akiyama brothers, Shiki Masaoka, Sadaaki Matsudaira, Kanzan Ohara, Takusen Kato, and Nobuchika Kobayashi cannot read all the biography of other characters except the above two works.However, I got the opportunity to touch the biography and books and stayed to fully satisfy the history nerd nature ^^ Botchan Train Memorial Hall (with Starba) → Ferris Wheel (Iyotetsu Takashimaya 9F) → Iyo Road Train (Dogo Onsen from Iyotetsu Matsuyama Station) → Dogo Park → Shiki Memorial Hall (Watch all audio guides and videos) → Dogo Onsen ( (Kami no Yu bathing) and the last day of my stay, while thinking about the friendship between the Meiji literary master and the poet, a day to finish with the honor of soaking in Dogo Onsen, which everyone must have visited to heal the tiredness of work ^^
Actually, what was big this time was not only the achievements and works of great men and masters, but also to achieve them, to produce them, to the end of the tremendous passion and effort of boys and adolescents, after or during the achievement. After that, I was able to know the movements of the people who inherited the intention and the people who supported it in the later years.I respect not only the story but also the efforts of the storytellers after his death. (Activities of Tokiwakai, etc.)
This cannot be fully known from the internet or works alone.Of course, even for such a short stay.
An era of exhilaration in which individual prosperity is in line with national interests.Shiki 34 years old Masaoka 49 years old Maybe it's not the length I lived.I was shocked.
I don't mind if it stays like this.I haven't achieved anything σ (^)^;) Finally, finish with Novo-san (nickname of Shiki's real name) beer and Soseki stout! Enjoy GoTo.I've used up everything ^^
Thank you Matsuyama.It's a night of gratitude ^ – ^

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