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"Saka no Ue no Kumo" Boyhood Stage Tour

I will spend this weekend in Matsuyama, Ehime prefecture.
Ryotaro Shiba The stage of the boyhood of the three main characters of "Clouds on the Slope" Matsuyama.A place I definitely wanted to visit.
Ehime Prefectural Office → Saka no Ue no Kumo Museum → Bansuiso → Aimatsutei (Jakoten Udon) → Akiyama Brothers Birthplace → Shiroyama Ropeway (Lift) → Matsuyama Castle (Tenjokaku) Matsuyama City Tour 10km Of course, the first day is a walk In ^ _ ^;
At the site of the birthplace of the Akiyama brothers, the battle of Tsushima with General Yoshifuru Akiyama, who should be respected as the "father of Japanese cavalry" who defeated the world's strongest Russian Kosak cavalry and as an educator (principal after retirement) Akiyama Saneyuki, a genius counselor who wielded his skills under the Japanese Navy Heihachiro Togo, who defeated the Baltic Fleet in Russia.
At the Saka no Ue no Kumo Museum, in the Meiji era, the mechanism of a written statement that accepts suggestions from citizens necessary for better nation-building, such as unification of surveying standards, participation of general citizens in national affairs, recycling of rice-cut water, etc. I was also interested in the exhibits on the themes of construction (railroad laying), culture (Western European style), and diplomatic efforts (elimination of unequal treaties).
Yoshifuru Akiyama, Akiyama Saneyuki, Shiki Masaoka, Iyo no Kuni who focused on education and produced human resources in the process of nation-building in the Meiji era.The power of young people and the investment in education for them are indispensable for enriching the country.

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