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[Scrum Guide 2020]

At Scrum Guide 2020 sponsored by Scrum Inc (19: 0 ~ on 00th Japan time), an overview of the Scrum Guide update was announced.
The focus is discussed in a dialogue between JJ Sutherland and Dave West. The updated Scrum Guide 2020 makes it easy to broaden the application regardless of politics, economy, medicine, IT and specialized fields / occupations (^-^) There is no sense of discomfort in applying it.Also, it feels portable.
Driving Focus
• Less Prescriptive
 There are few normative elements
• Scrum for All – Application beyond software
 Applicable to all areas, not just software
• The Scrum Guide still defines the rules of the game
 Defining rules
• More Concise and Interwoven
 It is more concise and the connections between each item are interwoven.
• Leaner Guide – Now only 13 pages
 The guide is only 13 pages clean
Please see the video of the session contents below. (All sessions are open to the public)

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