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[Purodaku and Ona who can run 250km]

If you think of your body as an unfinished product for running 250km long distances (races), how much training (your own story), daily habits (taimubox), and continuous Should I do training?I suddenly thought about it (Planning).

・ Weight (height is 165 cm, so it's about 58 kg. If it's heavy, it will hurt your legs)
・ Leg strength (Because it is a road, you need muscles that will not hurt you. You have to leave muscles even if you lose weight)
・ Running ability (about 1 and a half minutes per 7km at the minimum pace)
・ Meals (nutrition, bone building, sugar required, self-catering, homemade lunch)
・ Constitution (I want to maintain high metabolism. Stretching before and after exercise)
・ Judgment (know your body, especially sharpen the sensors in various parts of your body)

I wonder if I want to enter at least one ultramarathon (over 100km class) by the end of next summer.

It will definitely take a year to do this. It may not be possible even if it takes a year (^-^;), but first I will try to aim for it (I'm not good at Rebyu but I'm not good at it. Maybe).Everyone in the running community told me absolutely, so join us.It is said (I feel like I was told), so I will go seriously because I will do it. (At least I will make an entry)

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