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"Human traces life evolution twice"

■ The first path of life evolution

From an embryological point of view, the fetus traces 30 billion years of life evolution from fish → amphibians → reptiles → mammals in 280 days in the mother sea of ​​amniotic fluid.

With that in mind, it means that it has evolved around 1 years in one second.

■ The first path of life evolution

The baby's brain grows explosively by the age of one, when life begins and begins to stand, which also corresponds to the evolutionary history of life.

When you lie down, the baby moves urinating, but this is the movement of the fish and the part called the medulla oblongata is in charge.

Eventually, he will crawl and crawl, but this is in charge of the part called today, which moves like a frog (amphibian).

Gradually, the hands and feet cross each other, but this is similar to the movement of a lizard (reptile), and the brain is in charge of the midbrain.

Finally, it stands up and becomes a mammal and reaches the cerebral cortex.

To live is to evolve.The mystery and wonder of life.What a great thing the birth of life and the brilliance of growth!

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