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Listed on Palantír in the US-Data analysis, market capitalization 1.6 trillion yen-

Palantir Technologies, a leading data analysis company that has been watching since last year, will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange on the 30th.

・ Peter Thiel and others founded in 2003

・ Providing big data analysis infrastructure to public institutions such as the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and major companies

Known as a "heterogeneous tech company," Alex Karp, CEO, said in a letter to shareholders, "We were founded in Silicon Valley, but we share our values ​​with other companies. Declared "No"

"Our software is used to target terrorists and protect soldiers," he said.

Parantia Technologies' strength lies in the technology that can analyze a large amount of data that would otherwise be difficult to analyze in a short time and find the information you want to search for, as if you were holding a “magic crystal ball”.

Technology that flexibly changes the definition of information called "dynamic ontology"

Original article "Nikkei Shimbun"

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