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I'm a little skeptical about the efforts of major IT service companies to promote remote work.The swing back will surely come.

I understand the usefulness of remote work and enjoy the benefits, but there are also occasions when I feel unsatisfactory.Especially when meeting with people you meet for the first time.

Sharing a "place" might allow you to build a relationship of trust in an hour, but that's not the case if you're physically separated.

Since they do not share the air, it is difficult to accurately understand the messages that cannot be expressed in words and that are felt through the air (such as jokes and creating a relaxed atmosphere).

I remember the case of IBM, which can be said to be a pioneer of remote work.

IBM announced the abolition of remote work in May 2017, giving thousands of teleworking employees "office work or retirement."

Yahoo, which has been actively implementing remote work, also abolished remote work in 2013 due to poor attendance management.

As the number of remote work increases, the cohesiveness of the workplace becomes more important.

It has already happened in the United States, and its reflection recognizes the importance of a real office.Obviously, if you don't have enough trust, remote work won't work and you'll be less productive.

In some cases, remote work that can even disrupt relationships.Paradoxically, the key to advancing remote work is building a face-to-face relationship of trust.If you misunderstand remote work as a right, the ideals and operations you have introduced will be distorted.

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