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"Digital Agency will be installed by the fall of 2021. Consideration of civilians at the top"

It depends on the selection of Minister Hirai, but the key is how to get authority. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government gave authority to former Yahoo Mr. Miyasaka and realized the detonation velocity. It can be said that this is the achievement of Governor Koike, but similar expectations are difficult. Secretary of the ministry's sub-organization. Unlike the deputy governor, he is not in a position to be top-down, and even if a civilian is appointed, he is likely to be in a difficult position. From the understanding of technology, coordination between ministries, and the flow so far (results of digital administrative measures that did not work in Corona), it would be difficult for existing CIO aides to serve. You also need the virtuosity of an organizer (strong in politics !?). Personally, Mr. Noboru of Wide and Mr. Seki of Code for Japan may be good.

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