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Being healthy-you can do anything if you are healthy-

I was surprised at Prime Minister Abe's sudden resignation. Resignation due to the disease ulcerative colitis. At the meeting of the Prime Minister's official residence, I was able to see the resignation after leaving the term for one year, and the lack of resignation.

Although there are evaluations and criticisms in the longest long-term government of the Constitutional policy of 7 years and 8 months, I would like to say that I thank you so much for your hard work.

At the Tokyo Metropolitan Special Swimming Tournament held on August 8, Rikako Ikie, a swimming girl who returned after overcoming leukemia, entered the race for the first time in 29 year and 1 months, and cleared the target time.
It seems that he was confirmed to participate in the Japan Student Championship for the 2024 Paris Olympics.
"I was impressed by the fact that I could swim in this place, regardless of time," "I realized that I was back. It was the beginning of my second swimming life." In the interview, there were also tears.
I feel once again that being able to stay healthy is a real blessing.
Nowadays, there are many people who have been infected/developed, and those who are devoted to self-isolation/treatment, but everyone is keenly aware of how grateful they are to be healthy. I wonder if there is.

I feel that the “health” that we now enjoy as a matter of course is something that many who are not.

Due to the influence of corona, there are many dark stories in the world. This is true of work and economic activities, and when I look around the world, I often wonder "what will happen in the future?" However, I reconsidered, "I think I live a healthy life like this."

As long as you are healthy, you can do anything from scratch, even from scratch.
It was a week when I thought about that.

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