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"Courage to start a business USEN Yasuhide Uno and the rise and fall of ventures"

・Social study through recruitment, start-up of intelligence at age 24

・Cable broadcasting that was inherited soon after enjoying the joy of listing on Intelligence

-The founder, Mr. Mototada Uno, is the person who created the current company through unreasonable business. Investigate the "unreasonable" (illegal, unauthorized use of telephone poles) (720 telephone pole usage contracts nationwide) and improve the situation.

・Expansion of broadband business (President Son removes ladder)

・Purchasing livedoor stocks from Fuji TV, media enthusiasts due to problems such as new entry of professional baseball

・Lehman shock's business downturn and battle with bank groups that received loans. And regain USEN!

The energy of the founding and business of his father Mototada, the recruitment that created a unique organizational culture as a post-war private venture, and the story of the founder Mr. Ezo and the surroundings, but Mr. Uno's story It's a pity that it doesn't come out very often. But the content is very inspired. Business owners who often learn including setbacks.

Now that work style reforms are being screamed and compliance is severe, it will be a study to learn the history of the rise and rapid growth of Japanese companies and venture companies that have spared no time to work and achieved high economic growth.

"If there is a person who works harder than me and thinks more about the company than I do in the current company, that person should be the president."

Not only the length of working time is not all, but this part strongly agrees (^-^)

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