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Excerpt "Characteristics of people who are suitable for startups"

It is a memo because I think there is a lot to nod to people who are passionate about work regardless of whether they are self-employed, entrepreneurs, or company employees.

“I have a stronger sense of responsibility for work than I do, and I keep deadlines. Don't be afraid to overwork. Don't take responsibility for anything else and complete your work at your own risk.

Don't just say "because of work" as a reason to escape. Make no excuses.

Realist. Get the job done. Even if I haven't finished my work, I don't overlook “should” or chat.

Don't let go of your work until you're done. Without being lukewarm, he is a professional.

I am satisfied with what I am doing. Think for yourself, choose for yourself, convince yourself. Self-responsibility forever.

In a non-startup environment, you won't see it first. This is a question of aptitude rather than a question of ability.

Unless you're feeling "unusual" with one or two missing screws on your head, you really can't enjoy the chaotic environment of a startup. "Maybe.

I strongly agree.

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