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Negative impact on work from home and productivity of software development

I want to remember the kindness and compassion of both managers and colleagues.

・ Working from home adversely affects the physical and mental conditions and productivity of system engineers

・ Responses from 53 people from 2,225 countries including Japan, the United States, Italy, and India

・ There is a close relationship between physical and mental conditions and productivity, especially for women, parents with children, and people with physical disabilities.

It is recommended that software companies do not demand the same productivity as before, and that it is essential to devise ways to improve the working environment, such as asking in detail what equipment and services are needed.

I feel that the validity of this questionnaire survey is high (to see the site and reality). I think that those who say that it does not affect productivity or that it has increased (named as a system engineer) are special people.

I'm skeptical of those who are overworked and admired for working from home (the opinion that productivity has increased especially in the IT industry).

When working from home, it's best to be aware that you don't want the same productivity. (Don't forget to be kind to each other, both managers and colleagues) ^ – ^

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