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Enhanced remote equipment

Work in the morning In the afternoon, you can also transfer voice warp at home on the Hikari Denwa setting site, so you can also make a representative call reception on duty and support rotation. (This is recommended)

In addition, Teams can make and receive external lines (VoIP GW: SBC1000) on its own!Now you can concentrate on writing code ^ – ^ (I'm glad I studied the network)

Below, my equipment for remote work

・ Laptop x 1

・ Extended display Eizo Flex Scan EV2451 x 4

· Basicest Multifunctional USB3.0 Docking Station

-USB HDMI conversion adapter HDMI conversion connector USB3.0 1080P

・ IPad x 2

・ Ergotron dual monitor arm x 2

・ Tablet arm stand x 1

・ Musio, Amazon Alexa (talking party) (^ _ ^;)

 * Especially when selecting the docking station and HDMI conversion connector, it was necessary to try several combinations at the time of initial configuration (as of September 2018).This is the cheapest and best! It is this combination that allows you to expand four displays from one notebook PC!

For a while, I prepared eight displays in the three-dimensional direction, but I couldn't catch up with this processing power (my life). This is just right now.

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