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Patience attracts success

In 1970, the world's famous "marshmallow experiment" was first performed, although it was not an absolute condition (relationship between so-called success and patience). Stanford University, USA. Conducted for 4 186-year-old children. "The children in the room will get another marshmallow on the desk until the experimenter returns to the room after 15 minutes, but they will get another marshmallow. Experiment to say. About two-thirds of the children couldn't stand and ate marshmallows and sank. About one-third of the remaining children managed to stand for 3 minutes and got a second marshmallow. Many of the children who could endure it were designed to keep marshmallows out of sight. A follow-up study was conducted 2 years later when the children turned 3 years old, and it was statistically significant that the group who did not eat marshmallows had more excellent performers than the group who ate marshmallows. The result came out. In addition, a follow-up study when they were 1 years old clearly showed a higher socio-economic status (SES) in the groups that could endure marshmallows. A person who is able to make decisions based on long-term interests, not general desires, rather than immediate desires, is more likely to succeed in life. That means (^_^;)

Reasons for poorer patience to be far from being “high-income and highly-educated”

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