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"Slightly beat myself yesterday! The strongest in my history"

This year, we will be consciously doing the following: Being able to stay naturally.

・Realistic conversations and deepening of relationships than SNS and emails (to talk and to be meaningful, keep friends with friends who have fun)

・We put more emphasis on practice than reading (to remind myself that reading is absolutely satisfying and escaping the reality)

・Aim for collaborative mutual prosperity rather than interest negotiation (respect for partners and peers, sharing of ideals) ・Achievements that not only follow plans but also respond to changes including trials and challenges that come from randomness

・How to face the results

Featured by Agile Manifesto (^-^)

My personal goal is "A little bit better than yesterday's self! The strongest in my history".

We look forward to working with you this year.

XNUMXnd year of Reiwa Nakamiya

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