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Thank you for 2019

There are only a few remaining in 2019.

Looking back, I grew my business steadily, but I was in a difficult situation many times.

It is more like maintaining the status quo rather than being upward, but it is a micro enterprise such as maintenance of internal system (telework, interval, self-payment) accompanying work style reform, enhancement of allowance (regular raise, retirement allowance). It was a year that I realized what I could do.

IT engineer dispatch and SES on-site are completely withdrawn.

Therefore, I tried to number this year's tasks rather than the results (because it is embarrassing) ^ – ^

Monthly average quotation issuance 100 (1200 per year)

Monthly average working hours 380 hours (4560 hours per year It seems that there are many meetings (-_-;))

Monthly average email views 7000 (84000 per year)

Number of people who exchanged business cards for a few years 772 (Small!?)

Overnight days 28 days per year (Reflected)

18 business trips (enjoy traveling ^ – ^)

Trains (including subway) 54 times a month (over 650 times a year)

28 times a year (Lounge work progresses ^ – ^)

2 qualifications acquired (guts)

Monthly average muscle training & studio @ gym 19 times (232 times a year) (escapism)

Four times of full marathon participation (involuntary)

Total distance (running) Distance 1280km per year (guts)

Body fat percentage -5% (Because I was fat from the beginning, this number is natural)

12 movies watched (only movie theaters do not include NetFlix)

Number of books read (new issue) 204 books (limited to print. Approximately 3 times this when including manga (^_^;))

In business, after understanding that stacking is not necessarily enough to lead to results, stress management (moderately escape from reality by gym or run) and believe in yourself (weight loss is being made, number, amount, distance are proved It was a useful year that I was convinced that I could still beat myself yesterday depending on how I drove in.

We wish you a happy new year.

The photo is a run.Imperial Palace Run ^ – ^

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