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State of the year-end march (^-^;) "Continue sweating and rowing in the form of demons" continues.

I will do my best until the 30th.

19th (Thurs) ・Started a transaction with the Ministry of Defense and received an audit. ・Preparing for work from the beginning of the year Audit plan or implementation plan. ・Personal training and statistics of body composition monitor to find out the fact that muscle mass increases significantly. It seems he wasn't just gaining weight (^-^;).

20th (Friday) ・3 web conferences in the morning. ・Delivery/renewal to Kyobashi Chuo Ward Ward Office. ・Participated in PMI SDGs related meetings. ・Participating in a year-end party with business associates ・Sweating with a studio program from.

21st (Sat) -22nd (Sun) ・ Market policy meeting to launch new service of our company.System completeness 80% During the year-end and New Year holidays, we will devote time to completion at a one-person training camp (-_-;)-Takisweat in the studio program on both days.

23rd (Mon)-24th (Tue) ・Summary of audit materials. ・Review and revision of guidelines for telecommunications companies. Preparation for briefing session. ・Christmas meeting drink. Presents are only protein and dried meat (*°∀°*). Still no sign of work.

25th (Wednesday) ・ Two briefing sessions for telecommunications carriers will be held from morning till early afternoon.・ To the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.Greetings & meetings for the New Year's start project.Summary of the case report.There is no sign that the work will be completed. 2th (Thursday) ・ Troubleshooting incident occurred from the morning.Grab on the phone.I'm waiting for a meeting, but I can't make it anymore (> _ <)

When I was about to give up, God came down and if I hit the command repeatedly with a flash, everything was solved safely with Don Pischa. ・In the afternoon, meetings with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be held. ・Employees of the National Police Agency visit the company. Visit to our office. &Greeting. ・In the personal training, the trainer who smiles with a smile saying "Please bring me back with muscle soreness" is hunted down, and the smile to return is also drawn σ(^_^;) Beat yourself! ・Taki sweat in the studio program.

27th (Friday) ・ Return to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.Meetings & greetings ・ Lunch is a party (* ゜ ∀ ゜ *) The ceremony is prepared to the extent that you are surprised, and the progress is solid and impatient. .. ..Concluding with thanks to employees, customers, and advisors 14:00 withdrawal () ・ Some employees have no sign of returning.There is no sign that the work will be completed.・ Waterfall sweat in the studio program.I will do my best in myalgia.Year-end greetings with my usual friends.

28th (Sat) ・In the morning, report summarization and email reply. The balance is carried over on the 30th. ・Taki sweat in the studio program. I still have muscle pain. Beat yourself! Beat yourself! ← Imakoco. I am desperate because I lack talent and effort (´Д`)

I feel a little longer at the end of this year.

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