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[Local government system failure, JEOL apologize for recovery, still XNUMX%]

According to JIP, the trouble occurred on the XNUMXth morning. Up to XNUMX local governments and wide-area office associations have had troubles with being unable to browse the official website and issue resident's cards, family registers, seal certificates, etc.

As of XNUMXth, XNUMX% had been restored, but the problem still persists, and it is not possible to confirm the data on the medical care system for the elderly in XNUMX municipalities, emails sent and received by staff, and backup of school-related data. It is possible that the data may have disappeared, and we are conducting an investigation.

"Owabi" of JEOL

Of the 1318 virtual OSs, 70% recovered. Since the remaining 15% say "backup data cannot be found" (search), this may not be recoverable. It's a pity, though.

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