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Year End This Week (>_<)

7 (Sat) Internal meeting for consulting work (only this time) Muscle training at the gym (hereinafter referred to as gym training) & studio

8 (Sun) Jim Tre & Studio Stay up all night with the delivery deadline for the approaching consulting work.At this point, the material has over 200 pages of word sentences. .. ..

9 (Mon) Pre-delivery internal review meeting I wasn't convinced of what I made myself, and I took a retake by myself, and it was 300 pages with a masterpiece of Toru Niren (*_*).

10 (Tue) Just before delivery, reset with personal training at the time when it twisted out at such a time. Intermediate delivery completed!

11 (Wed) -12 (Thu) Haneda → Kagoshima business trip (^-^) I love Segodon.Calm down at Kirishima Jingu and frightened by the eruption of Sakurajima. (Mental of glass) HP design proposal & wire frame creation for a certain company.I also design and build JS & CSS.

13 (Friday) Direct delivery from Kagoshima to Haneda to the customer.Even if it finally exceeds 500 pages of spirit and finishes (^-^) fluttering, the night gym training & studio is indispensable.refresh!

14 (Sat) -15 (Sun) Haneda → Komatsu (Ishikawa) will come home from the summer. You can have a large bed. It's been a while since I slept for 10 hours. Charge completed (^-^) Full of stomach with relatives ('△`) Expense adjustment, one proposal (15 pages feel cute), New Year's card is also submitted. Good (^.^)

16 (Mon) Komatsu (Ishikawa) → Karuizawa (Nagano) business trip. I plan to stay overnight in Karuizawa. Accumulation work in the car ← Imakoco

I haven't been at the company for a week, but I get a job done. I'm a poor person who feels relieved when it becomes more like the end of the year.

I bought it because it seemed to speak for my father's voice that I can no longer hear. I am relieved.

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