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ISO Update -Easy to start and difficult to continue-

Because of the renewal examination of the ISO standard for two days, preparation for the canned (^-^;) trial is always made before the trial. This time, we will triple update quality (ISO9001), environment (ISO14001) and information security (ISO27001,ISMS) simultaneously! I am an ISO consultant myself with a certification as a judge, but I can see a completely different world from the outside and the side that actually operates, so the judges can hit the pain ( I know it will be burnt), so every time I get a sandbag, I'm sullen. *I am familiar with this as a judge, so I understand that the objection is meaningless. .. .. Only by knowing the limits of what one can see, unless the division of duties, transfer of authority, and visualization of work are performed, the performance of the entire organization will not improve, and improvement measures will not proceed. The valley between a vocational consultant and a practitioner is really big, and it's a huge difference. Practitioners are required to have thorough action and should act, but in reality, there are many situations where they say, "I can't say," or "I can't act," rather than "I don't say." Although it is a condition of an organization that wins, "(does) do what is taken for granted" (by bias, precedent, etc.), this is done while making sure (without forgetting, repeating) the content of the decision. difficult. It's easy to get started (especially by inspiration), but hard to keep going. We will continue this activity for better improvement.

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