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Introduction of Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OH&SMS)

After the examination of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OH & SMS) is over, it is a weekend to deal with corrective actions for acquisition.Looking at ISO 18001: 45001 (issued on March 2018, 2018), which was internationally standardized from the old OHSAS3, we started the decision and operation of acquisition at the beginning of the year, but just the government is promoting "work style reform" Multiple standards have been incorporated, including measures including initiatives, common configuration with management system standards such as acquired quality (ISO12), environment (ISO9001), and information security (ISO14001, ISMS), and common text. It has become easier to operate in.In the process, we promoted the visualization of company-wide operations (business list, standardization of flow, thorough implementation), and decided to transfer authority and divide the work, but the feeling that it is not uniform and not fulfilled, which is unique to a small company. I am keenly aware of the feeling (system, skill level, thorough business execution).It was a good opportunity to look directly at what was lacking to become a strong organization.Not to mention the rules and mechanisms, it is absolutely necessary to have the intention to go through.And you need patience (insensitivity) and physical strength (health) to endure pain.

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