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[Announcement of Gartner Advanced Technology Hype Cycle]

"A graph created by analyzing technologies and trends that should be considered when formulating a portfolio of advanced technologies from a cross-industry perspective.

 Examples of technologies that have been pointed out to be at the peak of excessive expectations are 5G (5th generation mobile communication system), edge analytics, and AI PaaS (AI PaaS (AI platform as a service).

 Autonomous driving (level 4) is an example of technology that has entered a period of disillusionment beyond the peak of excessive expectations.

Examples of early-stage technologies include biotechnology: cultured and artificial tissues, immersive workspaces, and the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). "

Gartner's report is useful, but I have to listen to the service that proposes a business plan that just explains the terms here using bang bang. If you continue to talk enthusiastically with a little knowledge, you will be disappointed (˘⌣˘) ʃ

The business plan is also a team of willingness and strong ties to go through rather than verification and analysis, and in order to identify it, I read it for self-defense. (^_^)

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