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Speech by Chairman Atsushi Sakurada of Mos Food Services!

Attended a study session at the business club of my alma mater.

-Restaurant industry 25 trillion yen, 67 stores, employment population 482 million Shrinking tendency
-Efforts in work styles are important, it is important to increase the value of life styles
-Mosfood 1972 Founded in Narimasu Itabashi-ku (KFC is Osaka Expo and Japan McDonald's is Ginza.
-The first Mos franchise is Nagoya. Teriyaki burger is a hit! Product strength is the driving force
– The management philosophy is human contribution and social contribution
– An acronym for MOS (a breakthrough in naming in 1972)
Mountain as noble as the mountains
Ocean with a big heart like the sea
Sun with a passion like the sun
– 1685 stores in Japan and overseas

A solid management philosophy is necessary for business continuity
Appeal to customers, shareholders, and employees with an easy-to-understand image.

It was a study session in the morning, when I decided to immediately start an untouched move.

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