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Hiroaki Nakanishi/Kazuhiko Tomiyama's "Conditions for the President" Reading Note (^_^)

"Professional management theory" by chairman of Keidanren and representative of co-creation foundation. How to choose the president Recognize its importance and difficulty.

In Japan, the work history of "sales straight line" and "boiler straight line" looks beautiful at first glance, but it is insufficient from the viewpoint of corporate management. Broader experience is required. The authors argue that it is important to experience the shuraba when young.

In modern Japan, which has become a mature nation, every company must use its wisdom and ingenuity to win the competition. In the future, companies cannot survive unless they select top companies who have the ability and can truly make decisions, rather than the selection of presidents and officers based on progressive personnel and seniority.

From now on, top management must be keen on change, have a sense of creating change themselves, and be able to demonstrate their determination.

The practice of aggressive corporate governance that achieves sustainable corporate growth is also an important factor.

If the method of selecting the president is decided, it goes without saying that the method of human resource development and hiring will also change.

Candidates for president need to think from a management perspective as early as possible and develop both financial and business perspectives.

The most important qualification as a manager is to consider management as a tough intellectual martial arts, to enjoy it, and to find it rewarding.

It's fun and rewarding, but I want to escape from reality.

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