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Even if you start a business, it is difficult to "continue" (success).

"In the world of entrepreneurship, the retention rate after 1 year is over 60%, the retention rate after 3 years is less than 40%, and the retention rate after 5 years is about 25% (Source: White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises Survival rate for the following years"). It is calculated that 5 out of 4 people have given up on entrepreneurship in 3 years. "

As I have realized it, I do not recommend entrepreneurship or side jobs easily (if there is a tendency for personality or unsuitability and stress increases more than necessary).
He says, "I don't stop if I do it, but I support you if I do it." There was also a worker who came in to talk to me to do the president because he will be the owner, but it is out of the question. If you don't do it yourself In terms of keeping things that way.

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