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Don't say "under consideration" to Masayoshi Son Negotiation tips to learn from "legendary carp fishermen"

Mr. Masao Uemura (1913-99), a legendary fisherman “Koitori Maasan” in the Chikugo River in Fukuoka Prefecture, in which Mr. Son talks about “this is the secret of negotiations”. Master of submersible fishing in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture. It is said to be a model of the novel "Hundred Years of Carp" by Ashida Hino.
"In winter, the fisherman oils his naked body, warms it with fire, and then dives into a cold river. When he sleeps on the bottom of the river, carps come from over his warm body. It's supposed to catch a total of 3 on both sides and in the mouth and rise from the river.''

A technique that draws in without chasing the target opponent!

It's too hot in summer now. Ahh. I want to work underwater.

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