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Meguro walk

Strolling around Meguro while sweating for 2 hours at a sports club in Meguro, despite the intense heat in Tokyo.
In front of Nakameguro Station → Meguro Parasitological Museum → Takisenji Temple (Meguro Fudoson) → 6km walk with Meguro Gajoen.

Meguro Fudoson, a place related to Hiroshi Aramata's "Teito Monogatari", wanted to come.

What is "Teito Monogatari"? .. ..
A work depicting the battle between Yasunori Kato, a demon who aims to destroy the imperial capital by the ghost of Taira no Masakado, and the people who confront to prevent his ambitions.

The story spans about 73 years from the end of the Meiji era to 100 (Heisei Yanen), and is characterized by historical facts and real people involved in the story. Knowledge of natural history and mystery (Feng Shui) is included.

Although Meguro and Mejiro are famous, there are also Meguro Fudo, Meguro Fudo, and Meguro Fudo, and the five-colored Fudo Myo is collectively called "Edo Five-Color Fudo."

In esoteric Buddhism, the five colors, that is, ground, water, fire, wind, and sky, represent yellow, blue, red, white, and black, respectively. It is said that the Tenkai Daimonsho was pursuing a magnificent city plan to create a barrier in Edo by esoteric Buddhism by using Goshoku Fudo.

Tenkai is a high priest known for his longevity over 100 years old. And a person with many anecdotes.

I read Mu, MMR, occult, and mystical systems with great interest, but today it's hot enough to experience mystical experiences. It seems to melt (´ △ `)

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