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It is a great mega venture for collecting and intelligence by analyzing big data!

Parantia Technologies' strength lies in the technology that can analyze a large amount of data that would otherwise be difficult to analyze in a short time and find the information you want to search for, as if you were holding a “magic crystal ball”.
 It uses the company's "Gotham" software that can integrate and analyze unstructured data such as emails, documents, images, voices, and videos.It is relatively easy to analyze huge amounts of data, which used to take a lot of highly specialized people and a tremendous amount of time and effort.
 Unlike structured data stored in files like Excel, it is difficult to analyze unstructured data.What makes this possible is a technology that flexibly changes the definition of information called "dynamic ontology."
Founded by Peter Teal, who was a co-founder of Paypal, a major Internet payment company in the United States. Alex Carp, a philosopher researcher who was a friend of Stanford University, was invited as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and co-founded Parantia.

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