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It was a business trip (sightseeing) weekend in Osaka

Day 1 After work, in the afternoon, it's a sightseeing trip from Umeda → (Bicycle) → Abeno Harukas → (Bicycle) → Seimei Abe Shrine → (Bicycle) → Mozu/Furuichi Tumulus → (Bicycle) → Tour Nakanoshima.

The Daisenryo Ancient Tomb (Nintoku Emperor's Tomb) seen from the top of Abeno Harukas seemed to be quite close, but in reality it was 500m in size, so it was endlessly far to go by bicycle.Congratulations on World Heritage registration 40km ride (> _ <)

Day 2 Run around Nakanoshima from the morning,
From Nakanoshima → (Bicycle) → Osaka Club → (Bicycle) → Dotonbori (Tonbori River Cruise) → (Bicycle) → Osaka Entrepreneur Museum → (Bicycle) → Konami Sports Kyobashi → (Bicycle) → Osaka Castle → (Bicycle) → A sweaty 6km run & 20km ride in Umeda (^_^)

At the Osaka Entrepreneurs Museum, panels and related products, management philosophy, and sayings of the 105 entrepreneurs of Osaka, such as Konosuke Matsushita, Shinjiro Torii, and Nakauchi 〛, were exhibited, and I got great power ( ^_^)

I'm glad I could use a bicycle (^_^) I can enjoy the trip without a plan.

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