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Change your own way of working

From the World Working Hours Ranking (2014-2018), the United States is the top of the seven major countries, and Japan is the third. Working hours are longer for Americans than for Japanese. Where I was doing. Japan has the third largest number of holidays in the world.

Japan is 36th out of all 19 OECD member countries. Since the average of OECD countries is 1746 hours, Japan's working hours (1710 hours) are lower than the average, but there is a possibility that it is not counted because there are "overtime work in Japan" in Japan.

The authors feel that Americans are working more than the numbers in the data, their work is integrated into their lives, and they are working side-by-side rather than separating private work from work.

In Japan today, there is a big trend for governments and companies to change the way people work by reducing working hours.
The expression "work is self-fulfillment" comes out, but since it's my way of working, I think it is necessary to change it myself.

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