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A note on reading the best physical condition by Yu Suzuki (^_^)

■[Civil disease is the root cause]
I feel tired and tired when I wake up all day long. When I go to the office, I can't concentrate on my work and make mistakes. I feel that it is inefficient. My visceral fat increased, and I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. Even in today's highly developed world, we are unable to solve these problems. Most of them are caused by "civilization disease", not by the weakness or personality of an individual's will.

From the viewpoint of "evolutionary medicine" in the famous paper by Dr. Randolph Nessey of the University of Michigan, which explains the relationship between modern diseases and evolution, we will explore the solution. Evolutionary medicine is a discipline that combines Darwin's theory of evolution and the latest medical knowledge, and is also called "Darwinian medicine."

Humans had been hunting and gathering for about 1 million years before they transitioned to agricultural life just ten to twenty thousand years ago. In ancient times, calories were an invaluable resource, so humans naturally evolved their brains to prefer high-calorie diets. However, in times of satiation, the brain, which now prefers high-calorie diets, can't be well regulated, leading to obesity.

Even if you want to lose weight, choosing a high-calorie diet is related to the hereditary nature that has penetrated the human body from ancient times. If you easily think that it is due to your weak will, you can't approach the target.

■[Wasting to fight obesity]
It can be said that the cause of obesity is neither weakness of will nor anything but a mismatch between human evolution and modern society. Even if you face "obesity" with your own will, it can be a waste of time.

In order to solve the civilization disease, it is necessary to first identify the genetic mismatch of the problem that one has and then correct the environment causing the mismatch.

First, identify where in your problem the genetic mismatch is, and then correct the environment causing the mismatch to suit your genetic characteristics. By taking these two steps, most of the problems that modern people have can be solved.

The problems of modern people can be roughly divided into "inflammation" and "anxiety". The easiest and most beneficial way to prevent inflammation is to increase contact with nature, and the most important way to deal with anxiety is to solidify your values.

■ [Mysterious poor physical condition inflammation]
A 2016 study by a team at the Keio University School of Medicine found that super-aged people over the age of 100 and still having no deterioration in their brain and body performance had very low levels of inflammation in their bodies. Conversely, this means that the rate of aging can be predicted from the level of inflammation in the body.

Inflammation is a defense system that works when the body takes some damage. When I fell down and rubbed my knees, the injured part became jerky and my skin became red and swollen. This is evidence that the immune system has started working to repair the injury.

It is not only the surface of the body that is inflamed. For example, a cold causes various symptoms such as fever and runny nose, which is also a kind of inflammation.

However, some modern humans have no subjective symptoms. "Visceral fat" is exactly that. Visceral fat is only foreign to the human body. Therefore, the human body activates the immune system when visceral fat increases.

Blood vessels and cells are damaged by inflammatory substances secreted by fat cells, which trigger atherosclerosis and cerebral infarction. Then it becomes "metabolic syndrome".

■[Countermeasures against inflammation]
The most recommended measure against inflammation is contact with nature. Not only is the stress dramatically reduced, but the bacteria contained in the atmosphere have a positive effect on the intestinal environment, which improves the autonomic nerves and improves sleep quality. Moreover, the time to touch digital devices can be reduced. Best in terms of cost effectiveness.

The second most effective data on inflammation is human relationships and dietary fiber. It may not be possible to make friends immediately, but increasing the intake of dietary fiber is highly effective and it is easy to feel the change.

Naturally, sleep and exercise are also important.

■[Difference between ancient and modern anxiety]
"Anxiety" is a daily feeling that everyone can feel. In the text written by Hippocrates in the 5th century BC, a depiction of symptoms similar to the modern "social anxiety disorder" appears, indicating that humanity has been associated with anxiety for a long time.

However, according to a 2017 WHO survey in 26 countries around the world, the incidence of anxiety disorders varies by region. The incidence in modernized America and Australia was around 8%, while the incidence in developing countries such as Nigeria was only 0.1%.

Dealing with anxiety is very simple in a primitive society. If you are attacked by a beast, you have no choice but to fight or flee, and if you do not have food, you have no choice but to hunt around or end your hunger. In that sense, it can be said that it is a "clear anxiety" with a clear solution.

On the other hand, modern anxiety is complicated. For example, in a company that has transitioned from seniority to merit-based, there is more pressure than ever to work and it is not easy to decide whether to change jobs. In addition, the convenience of communication has improved thanks to SNS, but psychological damage is also increasing, and anxiety about interpersonal relationships is always present. It can be said that such anxiety is "blurred anxiety" because the solution is not clear.

[Anxiety alarm function]
Anxiety is one of the important functions for humankind. For example, if the bush in front of the savanna moves, you must be alert to the existence of predators. In such a case, anxiety plays a role as an alarm.

But in modern times, there is little need to escape the threat of beasts. On the other hand, if the alarm malfunctions in response to "blurred anxiety", the emergency bell will continue to ring.

So what exactly is "blurred anxiety"? Its identity is anxiety about the "future." It has not happened yet, and it may not happen in reality, but we are anxious about the possibilities of the distant future.

Originally, the alarm function called "anxiety" of human beings was not for the distant future, but for the imminent danger in front of us. However, during the transition to an agricultural society, when I began to think about things in the long term, I began to feel anxiety about the distant future.

Both "inflammation" and "anxiety" significantly reduce the performance of modern people. These are not independent problems, but the symptoms worsen while affecting each other. It is necessary to break this vicious cycle to prevent performance degradation.

■ [Countermeasures for anxiety]
In order to eliminate anxiety, priority should be given to "value setting". If you don't solidify your values, any technique will lose half its effect.

Once you have set your values, use the self-analysis method to determine what projects are important to you, and make daily plans. At this time, I perform reviews about 1 to 4 times a month. Also, don't forget to be playful in everything.

In the medium to long term, it is also important to perform maintenance of "awe" and "mindfulness" (=self-observation). To stay in awe, it's best to touch nature, but if you don't have time, it's also good to touch quality novels and movies. The point at this point is to choose something that is a little beyond my understanding.

Mindfulness does not have to be solid meditation, as long as it is a method that you can easily continue. Whatever method you choose, the most important thing is to integrate the feeling of mindfulness into your everyday life.

In any case, the only thing to consider when in trouble is "what is the mismatch with evolution in this problem?" As long as we always go back to the basics of humans and think about it, we will never get lost.

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