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Shirakata Toshiro's new world standard “Referal recruitment” textbook that you shouldn't pick up strangers Read memo (^_^)

Referral recruitment is a “recruitment activity through referrals and recommendations through reliable contacts inside and outside the company”, which is a common recruitment method for companies around the world.

The reason that referral recruitment is different from related recruitment is that it is not unconditionally recruited just because it is introduced, but it is decided whether or not to join the company through an interview. It should be understood that employees perform recruiting activities on behalf of salespersons of advertising media and referral companies.

The seven advantages of adopting referrals are as follows.

(1) Recruitment cost can be significantly reduced
(2) We can recruit human resources that match the president and the company.
(3) Improve the retention rate of employees after joining the company
(4) Visualize the appeal and issues of the company
(5) Continuous improvement of company appeal (realization of management reform)
(6) Executives and employees have a management perspective (ultimate human resource development)
(7) Everyone's heart becomes one

There are two ways in which referral recruitment can be effective: "Inviting employees to introduce their company to friends and acquaintances" and "Listening to their employees and making friends and acquaintances want to change jobs". It was time to complete.

To that end, "visualization of the attractiveness of the company" is important. It can be said that the success of referral adoption depends on whether or not the visualized charm can be properly conveyed to friends and acquaintances.

Employing referrals has the following five disadvantages.

(1) It takes time to be adopted
(2) Not suitable for mass adoption within a year
(3) Load on employees who are active
(4) It is difficult to stop if you make a mistake
(5) It is difficult to recruit human resources at a level higher than the existing employees

There are three conditions that must be met in order for the referrals to be adopted successfully. These are "Appeal book," "Building a system for referral adoption," and "Recruiter from the president's perspective."

And there are six conditions for successful referral adoption.

(1) Establishing a method for promoting the adoption of referrals that are not mistaken
(2) Clear the three prerequisites
(3) President's seriousness and initiative
(4) Start from small success to great success
(5) Resolving "problems of concern" for referral recruitment project members
(6) Clearing the three conditions for sustainable success

The following five points should be addressed by the president in recruiting referrals. It is extremely important that you take the initiative and take the initiative.

(1) Motivation for referral recruitment project members (one-on-one interview in advance)
(2) Engagement in referral recruitment projects and exercise of leadership
(3) Visualize the appeal and issues of the company with project members
(4) Determining the direction for solving the above issues (creating a dream plan for the president and employees)
(5) The president also hires one or more referrals.

The appeal book consists of three parts and 3 items.

In Part 1, we give basic information about the company, such as those posted on our website. The contents include company profile and achievements, introduction of the president, missions, photographs showing everyday situations, charms and challenges, and medium-term management plan.

In Part 2, we summarize the people we want. In addition to "I want to work with someone like this" and "I don't like this person," I introduce my colleagues who work together.

Part 3 is a chapter on the personnel system. Summarize the standard annual income model, the image of the work you want to challenge, and the ability development system.

It is advisable to align the desired human resources on two axes: "personality that suits your company (mind/culture fit)" and "skills necessary to succeed in your company (skill fit)".

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