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Read the memo (^_^) by Masafumi Egawa, Accenture-style "Work Style Reform"

"Mr. Accenture has a very bad reputation in hiring," says a word from a person in charge of a recruitment agency, and Accenture's work style reform began.

At Accenture, long working hours became the norm, and the last train was a matter of course due to hard work.

(Surely 10 years ago when I was in the company (^_^;) I stayed at the company about 4 times a week...).

If such unreasonable working style is left unchecked, the turnover rate will increase and it will be difficult to secure excellent human resources. Then, "Project Pride" started with the courage of the author, Masashi Egawa. It is a company-wide effort to reform the culture with the aim of creating an attractive workplace that respects diversity and acquiring excellent human resources.

The three keywords, "diversity challenge," "recruiting challenge," and "work style challenge," were set by aggregating the keywords obtained from the internal awareness survey.

"Diversity Challenge"
This refers to creating a workplace that can respond to diversified employee backgrounds, ways of thinking, and life stages.

"Recruiting Challenge"
We aim to create an environment in which talented people who are the source of the company's growth are attracted and excellent talented people can participate and play active roles at any time.

"Workstyle Challenge"
Improve productivity to shorten working hours and establish work styles that create high value.

Then, the “reform framework” by the consulting team for organizational change was used. This framework has four quadrants.

The first quadrant is “Direction presentation and effect measurement”
The second quadrant is “leader commitment”
The third quadrant is "Mechanization and technology utilization"
The fourth quadrant is "establishment of culture and culture"

The reform of the company will never succeed unless a system is created for the entire organization, from top management to on-site employees.

The "master of time" that Accenture is aiming for is a person who can maintain a highly productive state. Of the factors that affect productivity, organizational capacity is a controllable area, so you should leverage it.

The “Accenture's idea of ​​productivity” compiled by the project secretariat summarizes four factors that affect productivity.

1 "Work volume"
2 "Difficulty of work"
3 "Input man-hours" according to them
The above three are not under the control of the company because they are determined by the customer's request.

To become a "master of time"
4 "High and low organizational capacity"

Even if the same work is done by the same number of people, the profitability of the company changes depending on the level of organizational ability. And organizational capacity is an area that you can control.

Below is the link for Project Pride. It was very helpful (^_^)

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