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Yoshiyuki Suda (Author) "How to swim in life when I became a company sickness by a love addiction" (Yoshimoto Books) read memo (^-^)

Mr. Sudax who has nothing to know as an "angel worker"

Whether you're in love or at work, in your book you often use "Keep out that one second" to catch it, but after the dawn of the baptism of Softbank President Son (I think there was a near miss at JskyB, Digital Club, Y!BB. ), the life story of a "shame man" who started his own business.

At the age of 29, he failed in the prepared food business & failed in stocks, incurred a debt of 3000 million, and while joining the bottom, the joining IT company was listed and revived. Just like a roller coaster.

Raging chore, second-by-second drive for material creation, excel from logical thinking boss who is particular about Excel and numbers. .. .. The expressions of the characters of all the characters are funny and laughable.

With two axes of work and romance, they are confronting their lives, and when one succeeds, the other collapses, and the fate of being tossed and swayed diverts. And a great book that makes you realize that you can live happily while being swung around.

Don't make the noise that 460 hours work/month is black. Content that resonates well with people who resonate. Chest hot (^_^)

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