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"7 bad habits that should not be done" read memo (^_^)

The next book in the genealogy of the world's best-selling "Seven Habits"-one of the authors, David M. R. Covey, is the third son of Stephen R. Covey, the author of "Seven Habits."

I struggle to get out of the trap, but I can't get out. Traps are so fascinating that they can easily trap people. And, if you fall into a trap, at the end, you often get into the depth as you struggle to get out. Isn't a trap the very thing of living in this modern society?

It's very easy for people to get into a trap, but getting out of it is a difficult task. In order to avoid getting caught in the creeping trap, the "revealing (epiphany) breakthrough" that is different from the conventional approaches is effective.

There are seven traps that try to trap us. "Traps for couple/lover relations" "trap for money and debt" "trap for focus" "trap for change" "trap for learning" "trap for career" "trap for purpose".

An apocalyptic breakthrough to get out of the “couple-lover trap” is to share the couple's perspective and discuss ways to make it happen.

The idea itself for creating a revealing breakthrough is not so difficult, so practice it first. That's all (maybe) you can get certain happiness.

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