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Jason Fan's "The World's Latest Fat Body" Reading Note (^_^)

When you want to lose weight, the standard measures are "a low-fat, low-calorie diet" and "exercise by reducing the amount you eat". It has been proved that there is no.

The author, Jason Huang, is a kidney disease specialist in Toronto. Introduces a logical framework for understanding obesity itself, refers only to human-proven data, and most of the references are limited to papers published in peer-reviewed journals, which is convincing. ..

About 70% of obesity is inherited. The remaining 30% can be controlled by themselves.

There is no correlation between obesity and calorie intake. Similarly, there is no correlation between obesity and exercise.

When you eat food, insulin is secreted, which helps store sugar and fat. Conversely, when nothing is eaten, the amount of insulin secreted decreases and sugar and body fat are burned.

To prevent obesity, it is effective to increase the time without eating to prevent the secretion of insulin, that is, fasting.

The cause of fatness is defined as excessive secretion of insulin, and avoidance of foods that secrete insulin and adjustment of the insulin secretion interval are proposed as measures against obesity.

I have to lose weight!

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