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Scott Galloway's "The four GAFA, a world recreated by the Four Knights" read memo (^-^)

The "four knights" of Google (G), Apple (A), Facebook (F), and Amazon (A) have changed the way the world should be. The effect cannot be avoided. Even if you are not interested in technology, understanding the "four knights" is essential to survive the future of the digital age.

The Four Knights have achieved great success by leveraging their differentiated products and services, big vision, high likability, and huge data.

In addition to the four knights, the companies that can become the "fifth knight" and the skills necessary to survive in the world after the four knights are also introduced.

In the world after the globalization of the Four Knights, the chances of super talented people will increase, while the "normal people" will have to struggle.

Behind the glorious success, the four knights have many negative aspects such as information management problems, technology theft, various liability escapes and tax evasion. What have we let go of, while having a convenient life with its appearance?

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